Grow Your Future with Us

In 2016, PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana had a workforce of 12,893 employees. Our human resources are the most important contributory factor to the Company's sustainable growth and everyone has the desire to play a distinct part in creating a sustainable future.

In light of the business's current growth, as well as the strategy going forward, the Company has put in place a professional and focused employee selection process to secure a high quality and appropriately qualified workforce. A series of training programs for both management and staff develop potential and maximize performance.

Employee Benefit

To attract and retain high quality talents we offer a great remuneration packages, like competitive salary, insurance, annual bonus, shares ownership, trainings, career progression, etc. But working for SSMS is more than just the compensation and benefits. You’ll be a key part of a friendly, dynamic, diverse growing team where you’ll learn, develop and contribute every day.

Employee Development

The Company provides the following types of education and training:

1. Primary Plantation Leadership Training (PKPP) is a program for candidates of the Management Trainee (MT) program. MT candidates are prepared to fill important positions at the plantation, factory, and as KTU assistant managers;
2. Refresh - periodic refresher courses aimed at maintaining the technical skills needed in plantation operations; and
3. Non-refresh - which comprises the following training courses:
- Induction programs for new employee orientation to ensure that every employee understands the requirements and responsibilities of their position, their work environment and the SSMS's culture;
- Soft skill programs, aimed to help develop managerial competence through soft skills to achieve work goals;
- Hard skill programs, aimed to further develop the technical competence and hard skills required for business operations; and
- Certification programs, in accordance with government licensing and regulation of specific work positions.

In addition, SSMS implemented a performance measurement system for all employees, to effectively analyze the contribution of every individual. The results of this analysis are used to evaluate career levels and appropriate career advancement opportunities.

Job opportunities

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General Manager

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Fraud Alert

SSMS in conducting the recruitment process of prospective worker never asks money or other form of remuneration to candidate selected to follow selection process. SSMS in conducting recruitment process of prospective employee never cooperate with other company / institution / institution which request to selected candidate to pay or transfer money or recommendation of ticket purchase or request compensation of any other form. Notification of selection information on candidate acceptance of employee either invitation oral or written test delivered through:
a. SSMS Website
b. E-mail SSMS Recruitment Program:
c. E-mail Person in Charge (PIC) recruitment process with domain email in accordance with the website address
of SSMS or Citra Borneo Indah Group concerned such as: and / or;