11th Sustainable Oil Palm Summit 2019


The world palm oil industry is currently experiencing some major challenges, in handle these challenges SSMS remains committed in carrying out the principles of a sustainable palm oil business. In addition to getting sustainable certification, namely RSPO & ISPO, SSMS has a further view of making sustainable palm oil currently the norms that must be adhered to for all oil palm companies, especially in Indonesia which is the largest producer of palm oil in the world. This was explained in broad outline by CFO SSMS Nicholas J. Whittle in his opportunity as the keynote speaker at the 11th Sustainable Oil Palm Summit conference in Jakarta on September 12, 2019.


According to him, the thing that must be done by the palm oil industry now is to convince the world that the most important thing is not to avoid using palm oil, but how to switch to using sustainable palm oil. So that in the future the principle of sustainability is not a goal, but is a business principle that is applied daily by all palm oil industry players.


Nicholas further suggest all stakeholders from the palm oil industry to be able to see in terms of the positive side of smallholders (plasma) in this industry, because as much as 40% more Indonesian palm oil is owned and operated by smallholders. Here is the real challenge for sustainable palm oil, how to continue to be able to advance the economy of small communities, but still promote the principles of sustainability. This challenge is not only for SSMS, but all stakeholders in this industry. Plasma is needed on a broader scale, if you want to secure and expand the future of sustainable industry for the next generations.


SSMS believes that the growth of the domestic biofuel sector poses unique challenges for the sustainability of sustainable palm oil in Indonesia. SSMS is aligned in maintaining the balance needed between sustainable production and sustainable development. The meeting is expected to provide some thoughts and insights into a broader framework for sustainable palm oil growth.