Employees As Innovation Agent


In order to develop a culture of innovation in the Company, SSMS seeks to apply a broadly results-oriented approach to employee involvement in the innovation process, open to new ideas, formulates innovative strategies, and ready for experiment. Innovations in companies are often synonymous with the latest tasks and activities, SSMS believes that employees are the focal point in corporate culture, to build a culture of innovation the company must be able to facilitate and determine employee behavior that can effectively encourage innovation.

In line with the Company's vision & mission, to Develop Human Resources & Regional Potential In the spirit of Partnership, SSMS makes as innovation one of the pillars in the company's continuous improvement activities. One of them is through Karya Inovasi CBI (KIC). This program is a real action for the company to continuously strive to encourage, provide opportunities and rewards for employees who can provide creative and innovative ideas to improve the performance and quality of products produced by each work unit.

The seventh final activity of the KIC (CBI Innovation Work) convention was held on 10-11 January 2019 at the SSMS Learning Institute, Sulung with the theme Achieving Excellence Through Innovation which means excellent as a company, work unit and individual in achieving the company's.

In this activity 28 innovation posters were displayed and 18 KIC finalists were the best clusters of the Estate, Mill, and Supporting departments that had gone through several pre-regional convention and regional convention selection processes out of a total of 194 active participating groups.

The globalization demands that all parties think more advanced and think fast in line with the times. In SSMS, developments in the oil palm plantation business require every business actor to be able to think creatively and innovatively so as not to be left behind by others. With the regular holding of KIC activities every year, SSMS employees are expected to be able to answer the challenges of the world to continue to work and be innovative.