Information to Stakeholders


Dear Stakeholders,


Following the ratification by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 25 June, 2019 of several material transactions (please see previous disclosures available on the website for details thereof) the Board of Directors has appointed  our auditor, Purwantono, Sungkoro and Surja, a Public Accounting Firm affiliated with Ernst & Young to perform a Limited Review of the Second Quarter and First Half 2019 Financial Reports. The Directors consider this to be prudent in light of the complexity of the material transactions undertaken and the Board’s obligation to report on the Company in a manner which fully reflects the operating and financial condition thereof.


This decision to perform a Limited Review for the reporting periods stated above has been communicated to both the IDX and OJK, in their capacities as regulators  of Indonesia’s Capital Markets in accordance with current rules.  Thus the 2019 Second Quarter and First Half Financial Report will be published and made available via media and the Company website no later than August 31, 2019.


Yours sincerely,

SSMS Board of Directors