The Cooperation of SSMS and Ecogreen Oleochemicals for RSPO Certification Assistance for Smallholder


The cooperation of PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk. (SSMS) with PT Ecogreen Oleochemicals in the roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification assistance program for self-help planters, began with an online kick off meeting on Friday, March 25, 2022.


The kick off meeting which marked the start of cooperation between SSMS and Ecogreen was attended directly by the CEO of SSMS. Nasarudin Bin Nasir, Head of Sustainability Henky Satrio W., Environmental and Biodiversity Manager Andri Najiburrahman and the Smallholder Companion Team.


From Ecogreen was attended by Ecogreen President Director Erwin Sutanto, HR Procurement and Engineering Rusdi Tan, Compliance and Development Director Abun Lie, Finance and IT Director Joesmiati Linawati, and Ecogreen sustainability team.


Starting the event, Head of Sustainability Henky Satrio W said, SSMS very positively welcomed this partnership. He said, this is the first time for SSMS as a palm oil industry to partner with buyers in the self-help planter certification assistance program.


The establishment of cooperation between SSMS and Ecogreen, showing the buyer confidence in SSMS products that have implemented traceability programs can be accounted for. "We recognize the importance of certification and recording of supply chain processes (traceability), this is an important point for buyers to ensure traceability of the products they buy. This partnership is the second time for SSMS to initiate smallholders after successfully assisting the Independent Palm Oil Farmers Association (APKSM) to obtain RSPO certification," said Henky.


Previously, SSMS and Ecogreen have established a cooperative relationship since 2021 for the provision of palm oil derivative products, CPKO which is a product of the KCP (Kernell Crushing Plant) factory of SSMS affiliated refinery companies, namely PT Citra Borneo Utama (CBU).


Ecogreen President Director Erwin Sutanto expressed his gratitude to SSMS for supporting the provision of raw materials for its products. Erwin said that the focus of this partnership is how the palm oil industry can provide products in a sustainable manner. What's more, palm oil benefits millions of planters in terms of improving life welfare. "For this reason, it is our responsibility together to educate self-help planters so that they can manage their gardens sustainably and can increase their productivity,".


Start of this collaboration, SSMS and Ecogreen hope that in the future there will be a significant increase in self-help smallholders who can be RSPO certified. And become a pilot for partnerships between oil palm plantations and buyers.


In this activity, SSMS Team represented by Andri Najiburrahman explained the plan and timeline for assisting the certification program for self-help planters in Mekar Mulya Village. There are about ± 475 self-help planters with an area of ± 889.82 who have the potential to be certified.