FPIC/FPIC is Important in the Partnership between SSMS with Palm Oil Smallholders


PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana, Tbk. (SSMS) continues to improve the partnerships with Palm Oil farmers, through fostered and non-goverment programs as a business strategy.


In business unit located in Kab.Lamandau is PT Tanjung Sawit Abadi (TSA), PT Sawit Multi Utama (SMU), and PT Mirza Pratama Putra (MPP) are now actively socializing and FPIC (Free Prior Informed Consent) or Padiatapa in the company areas, to invite the palm oil farmers to be involved in the partnership program.


Head of Sustainability SSMS, Henky Satrio W said SSMS partnership with Palm Oil Farmers aims to encourage the implementation of sustainable plantation standards and contribute positively to improving the welfare of local communities. "In the FPIC activity, we inform all impacts, both positive and negative and also the profit sharing scheme to farmers before there is an agreement on both sides. between the company and the farmer."


"This pattern of partnership development is open, not just aimed at existing plasma.  But also, the public have plantations around the company." As proof, as many as three farming groups is Tani Maju Bersama, Rimba Sawit 1, and Swadaya David with an area of ± 188 hectares have joined the partnership Plantation program.


Furthermore, Henky said the development of partnership patterns needs to challenge and strengthen the sustainable supply chain. There are many benefits of this partnership program, for example farmers get a decent FFB price guarantee, access to quality seeds and fertilizers, technical guidance, and   increased productivity without land expansion. "Furthermore, we hope that more farmers plantation will become strategic partners of SSMS, more farmers will feel the real impact of this partnership, in accordance with the Our tagline the real give for the country."


This partnership is a our commitment to a transparent, traceable, and sustainable palm oil supply chain by complying with the No Deforestation, No Peat, and No Exploitation (NDPE) policies. Therefore, in every process of development and management of this partnership plantation, SSMS always  applies the Agreement on the Basis  of  Initial Information without Coercion (Padiatapa)". before reaching the signing stage of the cooperation, the whole process starts from providing enough information to prospective partners. "This is important so that people who will partner with companies get accurate and correct information and anticipate the onset of conflict in the future".


SSMS targets of 10 farming groups spread across 20 villages around the company can participate in the program. Currently, socialization has been carried out in four villages, is Batu Ampar Village, Melata, Nanuah and Topalan.