Company Statement


PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk. ("The Company") is also concerned about the occurrence of forest and land fire disasters ("Karhutla") in Indonesia, especially those currently occurring in Central Borneo. Apart from having a negative impact, the forest and land fires are also not in accordance with the Sustainability Principles that should be carried out by all palm oil industry players.


Karhutla disaster also occurred outside the Company's area, which is community land adjacent to the Company's plantation area. Karhutla disaster management has been carried out by Karhutla handling officers, assisted by officers from the Company internal. Furthermore, we always coordinate with relevant parties for efforts to address forest and land fires and also to prevent them.


The Company carries out all of its operational activities legally and is in accordance with the provisions of good corporate governance, and is committed to continuing to improve the application of sustainability practices. The Company always manages risks as well as possible in order to maintain the trust of the Company's stakeholders. We do this one of them through the implementation of plantation management with a high level of safety. This commitment includes the absence of land burning, as well as efforts to prevent land fires and if the Company's area is affected by forest and land fires, the Company will make maximum efforts in handling fires.