SSMS Independent Smallholders Receive The Incentives Sales Certificate from RSPO


A total of 613 independent oil palm farmers assisted by PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk. (SSMS) who are members of the Association of Independent Palm Oil Farmers (APKSM) have again succeeded in selling RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil to international buyers through the RSPO trading platform scheme.


With an area of 1,365 hectares, APKSM produced 5,010 tons of RSPO-certified CPO, 688 tons of PKE, and 563 tons of RSPO-certified PKO, an increase from the previous year in 2022, namely 2,851 tons of CPO, 392 tons of PKE and 320 tons of PKO. This increase in volume is due to the number of certified land areas also increasing.


In 2023, APKSM managed to get a fairly good incentive from the sale of RSPO loans of 138,100 US$, equivalent to Rp2 billion.  PKO credit sales are priced at 245 US $ / ton, higher than last year's price which was only around 182 US $ / ton for PKO.


When combined with sales in the previous three years, APKSM has recorded Rp 3.26 billion. Their credits were purchased by the Seventh Generation, from the United States of America.

It is planned that this incentive will be set aside in part for APKSM's cash and business development, village contributions, and providing incentives to farmer members and orangutan conservation.


Widodo, Group Manager of APKSM, said that the incentives from the sale of RSPO certificates were partly set aside for saving orangutans. This is a form of farmer group's commitment to the environment, namely efforts to save and preserve orangutans. "APKSM together with FORTASBI Indonesia (Forum of Sustainable Palm Oil Smallholders) will initiate a group of independent smallholders to contribute to orangutan conservation on Salat Island, a partnership conservation area between SSMS and the BOS Foundation. " It is hoped that APKSM's involvement in this orangutan protection program can be an inspiration for other independent smallholders. APKSM will continue to be involved not only this year but for years to come."


On the same occasion, Widodo also expressed his gratitude for the achievements that have been achieved by APKSM, all thanks to the hard work and support from companions, namely SSMS, FORTASBI, and none other than ICS APKSM.