Through The CSR Program, PT MKM Repairs The Belanti Siam Bridge in Pulang Pisau


PT. Menteng Kencana Mas (MKM) through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program repaired a bridge in Belanti Siam Village, Pandih Batu District, Pulang Pisau, on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.


In addition to providing material assistance for bridge repairs, the company, which is a subsidiary of SSMS, also deployed its employee personnel with the local communities to work on the bridge.


Didik Purwanto as KTU BHE PT. MKM said, "In addition to providing the materials needed for the repair of the bridge, the process of working on the repair of the bridge is also carried out jointly between company employees and residents in a mutual cooperation manner,". The bridge is one of the crossing facilities often used by the village community, the company hopes that it can always contribute to the development of villages around the company.


The mutual aid activity was also accompanied directly by Amin Arifin as the Village Head (Kades) of Belanti Siam. Amin Arifin expressed his gratitude for the concern of PT. MKM to the condition of the bridge of his village.


"On behalf of the villagers, I would like to thank PT. MHM for its cooperation. Considering, this bridge is indeed very much needed as a means of connecting. Hopefully, the relationship between the company and the Village will always be well established, ".