SSMS and Eco green Help The Mekar Mulya Village Farmers Get Certification STD-B


Palm Oil Farmers the members of BUMDes Berkah Mulya Jaya, Mekar Mulya Village have received a Cultivation Registration Certificate (STD-B) which was symbolically submitted by the Lamandau Regency Plantation Office on Friday, 6/01/2023.


According to Henky Satrio W., Head of Sustainability of PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk. (SSMS), the effort to accelerate the issuance of STD-B is in the context of collecting data and mapping the ownership of independent smallholder oil palm plantations who will participate in the Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification program with SSMS.


"STD-B is an important instrument in sustainable palm oil governance and is one of the items required for issuing RSPO certification. And currently, as many as 103 of the 128 farmers who will be RSPO certified already have STD-B, the rest will be published in the near future," he said.


"The farmer development and certification program is a clear proof of SSMS's commitment to realizing sustainable palm oil practices among farmers which aims to provide a positive impact in improving the living standards of farmers," he added.


Henky explained that in this mentoring program, SSMS partnership with Eco green Oleochemical to help 128 independent oil palm smallholders with an area of 556.7 hectares to obtain RSPO certificates in the first semester of 2023.


Previously, SSMS and Eco green had handed over assistance in the form of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), socialization and training related to Best Management Practice (BMP). And in the near future will build infrastructure facilities for B3 Warehouse and B3 Waste for BUMDes Berkah Mulya Jaya farmers.


Henky hopes that the partnership with Eco green can be a role model for other stakeholders which will have a positive impact in improving the palm oil supply chain that is responsible and traceability.