SSMS is included in 100 Excellent Growth-Company Ranks 2018

100 Excellent Growth-Company Ranks is the result of research in the form of a magazine published by Group Media Bisnis Indonesia, the purpose of which is to provide information to the public regarding the list of companies that have grown very well on economic challenges in recent years. This research magazine generally reviews the performance of listed companies that are among the top 100 of 566 public companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. In its assessment, the research magazine referred to several assessment methodologies, including total asset growth, income growth and net profit growth.

From the assessment methodology, there were only 4 plantation issuers included in 100 companies with Excellent Growth and SSMS was one of them. SSMS is ranked 77th out of 100 companies assessed. Increased production in line with the increase in operating profit of SSMS has made SSMS as a plantation issuer that has rapid growth. This is also evidenced by the growth of the company's assets by 34.5%. In addition, SSMS plantations that has average plant maturity of 9 years, still promises a high level of productivity in the future.