SSMS Received an Award from Fortasbi as a Trustee for Independent Palm Farmers


PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk (SSMS) received the award from Fortasbi or the Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil Head Farmers Forum.


The award was presented by the Chairman of Fortasbi H Narno to SSMS, represented by Rudy Hendrarto, in the 17th RSPO Annual Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, from November 3-6. This award is given because SSMS is committed to assisting independent palm oil farmers, towards sustainable palm oil plantations.


SSMS has provided assistance to independent oil palm farmers in Kadipi Atas Village, Arut Selatan District, Kotawaringin Barat District since 2018. The assistance to these independent farmers is manifested in various forms of technical and non-technical support, by implementing sustainable oil palm gardening practices.

"Farmers can implement sustainable plantations in accordance with RSPO procedures to improve productivity and living standards," Rudy said.


Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Independent Palm Oil Farmers Association in Kadipi Atas Village, Palangka Lada District, Zainanto, said that after receiving assistance from SSMS, the productivity of its member farmers increased. "That is by using methods conveyed by SSMS Previously producing 0.6 tons of FFB per hectare to 1 ton per hectare," said Zainanto.


"In addition to the technical knowledge of plantations, we also received non-technical science guidance such as permits for Plantation Cultivation Certificate (STDB) and Environmental Management Statement. On behalf of the farmer group would like to thank SSMS for guidance and hope that cooperation continues," said Zainanto .