SSMS Wins CSR Awards Category of The Economy Element


Jakarta, The Bisnis Indonesia Corporate Social Responsibility Awards (BISRA) awarding event 2023 was again held by Bisnis Indonesia Daily with the theme "Corporate Social Responsibility Towards Climate Change Mitigation" which was held at Aryaduta Menteng Hotel, Central Jakarta, Tuesday, August 15, 2023.


On this occasion, PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk (SSMS) became one of the participants and won the Silver Champion Category of Economy Element - Creative Economy based on Local Wisdom, a program initiated by the SSMS CSR team.


The series of activities will take place from June to August 2023, starting from the prequalification stage, the Qualification stage, the first judging stage, and the second judging to determine the eligibility of awards for companies in managing social and environmental responsibility (CSR)


Manager Dept. CSR SSMS Abdur Rohman said that this award is the result of the Company's commitment to the field of Community Development (comdev) which highlights the local wisdom of the local community. "This is also the Company's step to work together with the surrounding community to have economic growth and improvement along with the Company's growth, so this is the Company's CSR program carried out with the principle of CSV (Creating Shared Value) in various fields in the community, both empowerment in the Field of Fisheries, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Plantations, Crafts and Skills to the Field of Partnership and MSME Development".


President commissioner of Bisnis Indonesia Group Hariyadi Sukamdani stated that as a medium of business economics, his party continues to emphasize the importance of implementing CSR programs among private companies or SOEs. "This activity is not only to give appreciation to companies that are committed to implementing CSR programs, more than that this activity is designed to be a barometer of the quality of CSR programs, as well as a benchmark for the extent and extent of benefits for the wider community and the environment".


"This activity also provides learning to companies on how to manage effective, impactful and sustainable CSR and support the acceleration of  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Achievement." Added.