SSMS Wins CSA Award 2022


The CSA Award in 2022 carries the theme "Building an Adaptive Capital Market Industry in The Post Pandemic Digital Era", which is an awarding activity for issuers. This appreciation is given to issuers for fundamental performance and supporting sustainable business achievements.


At this award event, SSMS won an award in the Category "The Best of Non- Big Capitalization in The Consumer Non-Cyclical Sector", managed to outperform various other nominees who entered the category. The award was held on   October 28, 2022, which was attended directly by the Minister of SOEs of the Republic of Indonesia Erick They’re in Jakarta. 


Based on the assessment of the CSA Awards jury team consisting of 5 professors and 10 senior analysts, several CSA Community member analysts, as well as capital market figures, 32 issuers listed in the market have been determined. capital won various categories of CSA Awards 2022. The CSA Award Jury conducts quantitative and qualitative-based assessments of performance, where the assessment criteria consist of Aspects of Future Profitability, Aspects of Openness, Aspects of Good Corporate Governance (GCG), Stock Liquidity Aspects, Risk Management Aspects, and ESG Aspects.