SSMS promotes multi-stakeholder approach to conservation at ICE-ISPO 2018

SSMS is taking an active role in promoting the sustainable palm oil by participating in the 2nd ICE-ISPO (International Conference and Expo on Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil) 2018. This year event is covering many essential topics in the practices of sustainable palm oil in Indonesia such as: supporting smallholder certification, empowering communities and conserving the environment to name a few. These points are well in line with SSMS' programs translated from our New Sustainable Policies as delivered by SSMS Head of Sustainability Directorate Mrs. Deuxiemi (Desi) Kusumadewi on the event's 2nd-day panel. Mrs. Kusumadewi was invited as a speaker to bring up the company's commitment to the environmental conservation.

SSMS Head of Sustainability Directorate Desi Kusumadewi (first from left)

She further shared our commitment to global sustainable development by realizing the full potentials of palm oil. One of our actions is by engaging in a long-term partnership with Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF), a notable orangutan conservation NGO, through the Salat Island Project. Together with BOSF, SSMS is managing more than 2,000 Ha dedicated for the pre-release of orangutans, working with the locals for their economy and social development and supporting the Pulang Pisau Regency in Central Kalimantan in protecting the biodiversity through Essential Ecosystem Zone. With the multi-stakeholder approach, this project is a valid evidence that palm oil industry could be a solution to realize sustainable development.