The Damkar Team of PT MKM Swiftly Helps Extinguish Fires on Community Land


The Damkar team of  PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk (SSMS) was swift in sending aid to extinguish the  blaze  that occurred on  community land in  Gandang Barat Village,  Maliku District, Regency Pulang Pisau, on Monday (8/8/2022).


The  SSMS  Fire Squad  Unit, consisting of 15 personnel together with a joint team of  related officials and  the Fire Care Community  (MPA)  of  Gandang Barat Village, worked together to extinguish the fire that was suspected to  have occurred around   at 10.00 WIB.


Head of Regional III SSMS, Muhammad Nasyir said, we received information about a land fire less   than 1 km from the  plantation boundary of  PT Menteng Kencana Mas (MKM), which is one of  SSMS's subsidiaries.


"We after receiving the fire information immediately instructed the MHM  fire squad to help extinguish the  burned  community land," Nasyir said.


Nasyir said that thanks to hard work with the joint team,  the fire that devoured 4 hectares of community land was  successfully extinguished.


"It took  about 6 hours to put out the fire, we had to  make sure that the  smoke was completely gone until it was finished. If  there is still smoke, then the wind and  hot weather will cause the smoke to come back to life and burn the existing   land," he said.


This is a sustainability commitment from SSMS, is concern for the environment and society.


Nasyir continued, "  It is  the Company's obligation to participate in  helping to put out the fire, especially if the location is adjacent to  our plantation area  .  This is a form of our  concern in efforts to control forest and land fires," he added.


In addition to sending firefighting  squads and forest and  land fire handling equipment, SSMS also provided assistance in the form of logistics for fire squads  and fuel  to support smooth running during the extinguishing process.