Human Resource Development

SSMS believes that the future lies with our next generation. As the complexity of today’s challenges will only multiply tomorrow, we need to make sure that our future generation is well equipped to be resilient problem solvers and change makers. The answer has everything to do with education.

SSMS, through Haji Abdul Rasyid Foundation, invests in a number of educational initiatives: from building and strengthening the resources of our local schools, to empowering potential cadres with the skills we have identified as important for our business and community in the future.

Employees Training & Development

Beginning in 2012, SSMS has invested in two main human resources development programs under its Training & Development unit: Management Trainee and SSMS Regular Development.

Every six months, we hire 30 exceptional graduates, including recipients of SSMS’s higher education scholarships, onto SSMS Management Trainee Program. The management trainees will follow a five-year comprehensive program that prepares these high-performing talents for becoming the future leaders of our business. 

The opportunities to learn and develop, however, doesn’t stop there. Various training programs are available to help eligible SSMS employees advance their careers. Those on foreman level can do so through our Assistant Development program, while those on manager level up through the Management Development program.   

Higher Education Scholarships

High-achieving students graduating from SSMS’s vocational school have an opportunity to win scholarships to continue their education. Many of them went on to work for SSMS as scientists, engineers, and healthcare professionals at our research and development, as well as social responsibility, facilities. 

Since we kicked off the program in 2011, as many as 104 students have benefited from the scholarship, enrolling in universities such as Universitas Palangkaraya, Institut Pertanian STIPER Yogyakarta, and Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung