Renewable Energy

SSMS prides ourselves in the proactive approach we take toward waste and energy management, where we make cutting and repurposing waste a key economic driver.

Waste and Energy Management

We operates our mills with zero waste principle, which means all byproducts of CPO production will be used for other useful purposes. Liquid waste from the mill, for instance, is treated using bacteria and later distributed back to the plantation as fertilizer. Meanwhile, a portion of fiber waste and palm kernel is sent to Oil Palm-Cattle integration program as part of the cattle feed. 

In addition, fiber and shell wastes are used to power the boiler, which provides electricity for the whole mill operations and several surrounding households. This renewable energy source fulfills 90% of the mill electricity requirements, with diesel generator used only as a backup or jump starter. 

SSMS is also among the first companies to comply with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No. 14/2012. The regulation requires companies with 6,000 tons of oil equivalent energy consumption to have, among others, an energy management procedure, an energy audit, and an energy manager. On top of this, SSMS also participates in an energy manager development program.